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Alice Starck: amore a prima vista

Blog / August 2, 2012

Dietro allo pseudonimo di Alice Starck si cela la designer emergente Beatrice Zocchi nonché nostra amica. Chi vede le sue scarpe per la prima volta si accorge subito che dietro il suo lavoro c’e’ tanto amore e passione.

Le sue scarpe fanno innamorare a prima vista: hanno uno stile moderno, ben riconoscibile, con un sapore vintage e sembrano uscite dalle fiabe, per la cura dei dettagli e dei particolari.
Oltre al design speciale, quando le indossi, nonostante il tacco vertiginoso, ti renderai subito conto di quanto sono comode.
Se vuoi sognare, corri a vedere subito il suo sito .

Alice Starck: Love at First Sight


Hiding behind the pseudonym Alice Starck, there is the emerging designer Beatrice Zocchi, a friend of ours. Those who see her shoes for the first time immediately realize she puts a lot of passion and love into her work.

You fall in love with her shoes at first sight: they have a modern style, which is easily recognizable, with a vintage favour and they seem to come straight out of fairytales, due to the amount of details and care.

Apart from the special design, when you wear them, even with their super high heels, you immediately realize how comfortable they are.

If you want to dream, go and look at her website now




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Funny Bijoux


on August 2, 2012


on September 13, 2012

Hello!I just surfed in on your Stuart Weitzman artcile via Twitter so cute! There are definitely some wonderful styles moving forward for Fall, and his boots are exceptionally well-crafted and comfortable.Looking forward to keeping up with your blog Best,Krista

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